Essential oils as a way to relieve psoriatic arthritis

Often, the use of drugs and maintaining appropriate lifestyle changes help to improve the lives of those who have the disease of psoriatic arthritis, which causes:

  1. Inflammation of the joints.
  2. Painful sensations.
  3. Deterioration of the general state of health and mood.

Aforesaid symptoms can be alleviated by the usage of essential oils, which can be used both for external use and as aromatherapy.

You can try different essential oils if you suffer from the disease of psoriatic arthritis, and observe which of them will have the most beneficial effect on you. This article lists several essential oils that may be beneficial to you.

Lavender essential oil

Inflammatory processes occur in the body of people with psoriatic arthritis. This can lead to joint pain and negatively affects the mood. Lavender essential oil is able to significantly reduce the manifestation of these symptoms and return you to a good mood.

Ginger essential oil

The effectiveness of this type of essential oil in inflammatory processes in the body was proven in laboratory studies 3 years ago. Thus, according to research, ginger essential oil helps to reduce inflammation and swelling of the joints with its regular use.

Eucalyptus essential oil

This type of oil is widely used for medical purposes to relieve the symptoms of various respiratory diseases. It also has a positive effect on the presence of inflammation and pain in the human body. The beneficial properties of eucalyptus essential oil have been proven in laboratory studies.

Bergamot essential oil

This type of essential oil has a positive effect on mood by reducing joint pain and inflammatory processes in the human body. This essential oil has a pleasant aroma characteristic of all citrus fruits.

Turmeric essential oil

This type of essential oil has an effective soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the human body. Turmeric has various forms of release from seasonings to essential oils.

Cinnamon essential oil

Natural cinnamon has high anti-inflammatory properties. This has been established in clinical studies. Thus, the use of cinnamon in the form of spices or essential oil will have a positive effect on the body and reduce the inflammatory processes in it.

Distinctive features of essential oils

It is necessary to know the origin of essential oils and what are their distinctive features before you start using them.

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils of various plants. That is why you should carefully apply them, especially if you are going to apply them to the skin. It is necessary to dilute them.

Essential oils are additional medical therapy. They are used in combination with the main drugs against psoriatic arthritis to enhance their effects on the human body. However, it should be remembered that you need to be careful when using them. Remember that:

  1. There are no medical recommendations regarding the doses and methods of application of essential oils.
  2. Essential oils entering the trading network are not subject to control by the Food and Drug Administration.
  3. Essential oils may cause an allergic reaction.

Methods of use

Essential oils can be applied in a variety of ways. However, remember that it is impossible not in any case to swallow them. The following are the main methods of use of essential oils:

  1. Inhalation of essential oil vapours.
  2. Use in combination with body lotions and other products that can be diluted with essential oils.
  3. Dilution with basic oils and rubbing them into the skin.